Bridging the gap between rigorous scientific research and real-world implementation, we help our clients develop innovative approaches that promote shared decision making and support patient engagement. We help develop innovative patient-centered decision support tools that elicit patient preferences and use those preferences to improve communication and outcomes. We can critically appraise the likelihood of success of different approaches to promoting patient engagement, and help design efficient approaches to measuring the impact of patient-centered interventions on meaningful patient and provider outcomes.

  • Design robust outcomes research and evaluation studies
  • Develop strategies for introducing shared decision making or decision support tools into your organization
  • Design innovative decision support tools and decision aids
  • Assess patient and health care provider preferences
  • Measure the impact of a decision support tool
  • Improve risk communication
  • Conduct patient-specific risk modeling, decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Prepare for a meeting with the FDA

Clients include the FDA, NIH, and many of the leading medical schools, universities, educational companies, think tanks, and international healthcare companies.